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Tortoise shell mesh
Product Name: high-temperature shells Network
Product Description: The product works for us, a newly developed large mud turtle claw network, high temperature resistant lining material is generally non-stereotyped net with shells reinforced steel, carbon steel (A3F) shells networks, special circumstances with 0Cr13 material, when the first shells using the network Road in the boiler or hot air welding wall, and then smear refractories.
Features: large hexagonal networks mud turtle claw obviously enhanced the anchorage capacity of the material with lining. Thereby effectively enhancing the lining materials, links to their own performance, can easily control the heat-resistant insulating layer from the skin and shed, and raise a combination of lining materials, color fastness.
Product Material: lining for casting amorphous materials, lining materials, anchoring role.
Optional material widely: There are A Carbon Steel 0Cr13.1Cr13.. 0Cr18Ni9.1Cr18Ni9Ti, pitch 2cm-6cm, net thickness 1cm-2.5cm, thickness 1mm-3mmMesh size, determined by the purchaser from the processing of all kinds of custom-made, there are many OEMs supporting co-production of a variety of metal parts, has a number of petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises supporting the supply of a variety of lining metal structure.The products are widely used in large-scale equipment used in petroleum chemical industry, in particular, is conducive to the catalyst-based device structures lining the major equipment, one of the main components, which can improve the lining of the wear resistance and strength, wear-resistant lining is reinforced with the turtle nets, General site with carbon steel (A3F) shells networks, such as the reactor and a secondary cyclone, U-tube regenerator flue gas, etc., high temperature alloy parts (1Cr13) shells networks, such as the regenerator and a second Stage Cyclone, etc.Turtle nets 20 * 17.5 mm flat steel with a washed away to form a hexagonal grid, fixed in the insulation screw terminal board.

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