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Wind-proof and Dust Control Mesh
Wind dust-controlling nets product characteristics: wind dust-controlling nets, also known as dustproof nets,Wind-proof and Dust Control Mesh,dust wind wallThis product adopts metal materials by mechanical combination punching moulds, suppression, pensu and high strength, toughness, good, flexural, anti-aging, flame retardant, temperature, acid and alkali resistant, sustaining bending deformation performance; strong ability etc.After special formulation and production process, can be made according to user's requirements of various thickness, color, with long service life and colourful not easily colour-fading,Comprehensive dust-controlling effect is good, better than similar products at home and abroad.Wind dust-controlling nets not only beautiful appearance, low cost and maintenance of fire, theft, etc.To avoid completely before the surface coverage, spray technology, closed and investment, several measures were huge cost, operation and restrictions, dust-controlling effect problem.The low cost, easy installation and flexible Settings.A long-term investment, benefit.After the setting wall of windscreen dust-controlling not only make the region environment pollution is serious, and had the wall of implementation of windscreen dust-controlling coal saving every yearthousands of tons of coal, in good social benefits and economic benefits of the maximum gain, beautiful neat wall of windscreen dust-controlling became the region a pleasant scenery!
The wind-proof and dust control Mesh is widely used in:1. Power plants, coal mines, coking plants, coal washing plant, and other businesses to save coal field2. Ports, terminals and markets a variety of coal storage yard3. Iron and steel, building materials, cement companies such as a variety of open-air yard4. Railway and highway transportation of coal-station coal storage market5. Sites, road dus
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